40 top tips for commuting into or around London

40 Top Tips: The ultimate guide to commuting into or around London

No matter what modes of transport you use to get to and from work everyday, there are ways you can make it cheaper, more productive and more enjoyable. And if you really hate your ... Continue Reading →
Best mobile-optimised shopping websites for commuters

Top 10 mobile-optimised websites for shopping on the go

All the talk about the future of the web points in one direction: eventually more users will access websites from mobile devices than via desktop. For those running and designing websites ... Continue Reading →
Keira - commuter of the week

It’s Your Commute – Profile #3: Keira Gibson

In the third of our quick interviews with our readers, Keira Gibson tells us about her daily travels…   How do you get to work? 3 days a week I get dropped and collected ... Continue Reading →
Commuter Tube Advertisement

What do Tube ads say about us?

Cold medicines. Dating websites. Long-distance call deals. Cash ISAs. Holidays. Stronger Deodorant. This is the weird mix of themes that seems to dominate tube ads. One assumes ... Continue Reading →
Priority seat for pregnant commuters

Etiquette and Insult: Just when should you offer your seat?

Male commuter: “Excuse me love, would you like this seat?” Female commuter: “Oh, that’s very kind of you, but I’m not actually pregnant.” Male commuter: ... Continue Reading →
Commuting Expert Question

Question: What needs to be done to make London’s roads safe for Cyclists?

Today we read the terrible news that the sixth London cyclist in 13 days has died, this time following a collision with a lorry in Camberwell. That’s the 14th cyclist to die ... Continue Reading →
Remote working for commuters

Commuters frozen out: Why remote working makes sense

With decent weather finally arriving, it may all seem like a distant memory, but according to recent reports, during the snow and travel disruption of early 2013 the UK economy lost ... Continue Reading →
Circle Line Gets Air Conditioning

Air-conditioned trains start running on the Circle line

New fully walk-through Tube trains, which allow better access for customers, are being rolled out on the Circle line from today as part of the introduction of 53 new trains on both ... Continue Reading →
Car Park Sign

4 Tips to Save Money on Car Parking

As if the price of motoring wasn’t enough! It’s made worse for commuters when you factor in the extra charges you’re bound to pay for parking your vehicle when you ... Continue Reading →
The perfect read for commuters using the Tube

Books on the Underground: what would you leave?

By the end of the morning rush hour on the London Underground, they’re everywhere That’s right: newspapers. Copies of the Metro adorn the top and sides of every seat and ... Continue Reading →
Commuting animals

Commuting Animals: it’s a Jungle out there!

Let’s face it – in the world of commuting by rail, we’re all animals of some description. We get herded like sheep and crammed into metal containers like sardines, ... Continue Reading →
Adham Fischer

Adham Fisher: International transit challenge guru

Following our interview with Geoff Marshall, we were contacted by fellow Underground enthusiast Adham Fisher, who has taken his fascination of subterranean transit systems to an international ... Continue Reading →
Man commuting with train using laptop travel

When will wifi be available on all commuter trains?

When will wifi be available on all commuter trains? Soon, predicts Peter Kingsland, Sales Director at Icomera, the leading provider of wifi on trains, buses and coaches. In our humble ... Continue Reading →
Young woman using her tablet computer while traveling by train

Driving narrative: What’s the story of your commute?

It was great having Richard Hammond in the car during the drive down to Plymouth. What a nice guy! His witty banter and commentary made the hours just fly by. Even the slow crawl of ... Continue Reading →
Rail Technology Magazine

Keeping the trains running for the next generation: UKRITT

We train commuters can be rather a cynical bunch sometimes. As far as we’re concerned, there’s always some kind of delay or problem because of the wrong kind of snow, leaves on ... Continue Reading →
Oyster Card 10th anniversary

Use an Oyster card? This article could save you £100s

As the Oyster Card celebrated its tenth anniversary of keeping London commuters moving, an Evening Standard article revealed that nearly £100 million of passengers’ money is lying ... Continue Reading →
STOP HS2 - the campaign against high speed rail

HS2: the case against from a commuter’s perspective

Want to know what’s wrong with the plans for HS2? Just look to France. That’s the view of Deanne DuKhan (pictured below), Director of AGAHST (Action Groups Against High Speed Two), ... Continue Reading →
London City Scape

5 Creative Ways to Avoid the Commute

With thanks to James Cave of thehousesittingcouple.com for the following guest blog. Let’s face it: not everyone can be a commuting expert. While many commuters are happy to make ... Continue Reading →