40 Top Tips for commuting in London

40 Top Tips: The ultimate guide to commuting into or around London

No matter what modes of transport you use to get to and from work everyday, there are ways you can make it cheaper, more productive and more enjoyable. And if you really hate your ... Continue Reading →
Cashback sites for commuters

Cashback sites: how to save £100s on your commute

Getting paid to shop online – sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what millions of internet shoppers around the UK are already managing to ... Continue Reading →
Save Money on your Oyster Card

Use an Oyster Card? This article could save you £100s each year

Everyone enjoys a good birthday celebration. The cake, the candles, the toast with champagne. And on this, the first anniversary of ClaimMyRefund, if you commute on the London Underground ... Continue Reading →
Clever Commuter Companies

How commuter-friendly is your company?

There are thousands of business books out there telling organisations how they can work better and smarter, and add more to the bottom line. They focus on strategy, time management, ... Continue Reading →
Commuting by Bike

Two wheels good, four wheels bad? The battle of bikes and cars

If you’ve logged in to any of your social media accounts in the past 48 hours then the chances are that you’ve seen posts about an ill-judged tweet by young motorist, Emma ... Continue Reading →
London Mayor's Office

Mayor reveals changes to the Congestion Charge: how will they affect you?

Last month, London mayor Boris Johnson confirmed three changes to the Congestion Charge which are likely to impact the city’s motoring commuters. But what are they, and what ... Continue Reading →
Young woman using her tablet computer while traveling by train

Driving narrative: What’s the story of your commute?

It was great having Richard Hammond in the car during the drive down to Plymouth. What a nice guy! His witty banter and commentary made the hours just fly by. Even the slow crawl of ... Continue Reading →
Weirdest Stock Photo

Weird stock photos

You see them all the time. Everyone is smiling. Her skin is impossibly smooth. His smile is like a Colegate commercial. And look how they all stare with such excitement at that meaningless ... Continue Reading →
New London Route Master Bus

It’s no breeze: the battle to cool London’s commuters

Normally the end of Wimbledon means that it’s fine for the torrential rain to come to an end, allowing the British summer to truly begin. (Admittedy for a whole three days…) This ... Continue Reading →
Train tickets - fare dodgers

Fare dodgers’ witty excuses: why commuters fail to see the funny side

Less than a week after the ORR’s announcement that it would not be granting Network Rail the full amount of funding it claims it needs for the next five years, the Association of ... Continue Reading →
Bike - the perfect way to travel for commuters

Commuting by bike: the only way is up

Normally the news of a new multi-storey being erected would illicit protests and objections from locals living nearby. After all, who wants a large concrete monstrosity being built ... Continue Reading →
Tube Station Names for Sponsorship

Selling your own mother? Branding the London Underground

If the sheer variety of weird and wonderful locations of advertising on London’s major transport networks is anything to go by, commuters are susceptible to being influenced almost ... Continue Reading →
What activities do you typically perform during your commute

Results of the Commuting Expert Survey!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who took the time to send in their responses to the Commuting Expert Survey! We had dozens of submissions and it’s been invaluable to find out ... Continue Reading →
Windmill Tavern - best pub for commuters south of the river in London

Four brilliant pubs for commuters working near Waterloo and Southwark

Are you a sports fan? A cocktail drinker? A real-ale connoisseur? A gastro-pub seeker? Thanks to the family-owned Windmill Taverns Group, commuters can satisfy any of these preferences ... Continue Reading →
Commuters spending £685/year to browse online on the go

UK commuters spend £685million/year to browse online on the go

Brits using smartphones and tablets to catch up on work or on the news while commuting risk racking up extra charges that could collectively cost almost £685 million per year according ... Continue Reading →
Footage of old London

The past is a different country: footage of London transport in the 1920s

Ever feel like nothing ever changes with London’s transport? It’s the same buses, Tubes and congestion you face every day, right? Well these videos might change your mind… This ... Continue Reading →
Racing Bike for commuters

Want to network with colleagues? Say goodbye to the golf clubs and get on your bike

For generations, the prerequisite for ingratiating yourself with the boss was to suggest a round of golf at the weekend. The gentle stroll between holes provided the perfect opportunity ... Continue Reading →