Driving narrative: What’s the story of your commute?

Audibooks for your commute

It was great having Richard Hammond in the car during the drive down to Plymouth.

What a nice guy!

His witty banter and commentary made the hours just fly by.

Even the slow crawl of the M25 didn’t seem quite so bad.

Arriving at our destination was somehow disappointing – he hadn’t finished everything he had to say.

At least there would be the journey home to look forward to.


Ok – so just to clarify, he wasn’t technically in the car – but his voice was, regaling through the stereo adventures with Evel, Oliver, and the Vice-President of Botswana in his audiobook , As You Do.

Richard Hammond’s is just one of thousands of audiobooks that you can download for your pleasure from Audible.co.uk – the Amazon company that specialises in bringing you the spoken word.

Of course, they’re not the first (or likely the last) company to provide audiobooks, but what Audible does escpecially well is make it satisfyingly easy to download your latest tome direct to your iPod, tablet or MP3 device – pretty much anything with a music player.

There are Audible apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phones, and it integrates directly with iTunes via Audible Manager to bring you your books no matter how you choose to listen to them.

Once upon a time…?

Stating that you like listening to audiobooks can feel like an admission that you’re struggling to leave childhood behind, desperately clinging on to the bedtime story.

But it’s so far from that.

A casual browse through the list of books available is enough to demonstrate that you can find the latest best sellers in fiction and non-fiction, language courses, biographies, history, comedy (Blackadder anyone?) – you name it, it’s probably there.

Suddenly that boring daily commute can be transformed into something you actually look forward to:

A chance to escape into imaginative worlds of fiction; to learn about subjects that fascinate you; to hear great writing delivered by (mostly) superb narrators.

How often have you looked at a book and thought: “I’m never going to have the time to get through that”, putting it off for pool-side reading on some as yet unplanned holiday?

Stop it.

Even giant works can be demolished in just days if you have a long drive planned, or if you simply listen reguarly during the daily to and fro between home and work.

If you commute by car it saves you from endlessly skipping between radio stations to avoid the banal chat of phone-ins.

For the public transport user, it makes waiting for the next seat seem quicker and it drowns out the noise around you.

Most of all, it allows you to arrive at work feeling like you’ve actually achieved something.

On the way home it’s ideal for helping you make the mental switch from work to personal life.

So whether it’s Richard Hammond, Andrew Marr, Stephen Fry or Hilary Mantel, at Commuting Expert we think Audible is worth a go for a more enjoyable and productive commute.

Why not try it for yourself?

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What your story?

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