Top 10 mobile-optimised websites for shopping on the go

Best mobile-optimised shopping websites for commuters

All the talk about the future of the web points in one direction: eventually more users will access websites from mobile devices than via desktop.

For those running and designing websites (Commuting Expert included) this presents real challenges: making a site render perfectly on all screen sizes, with varying levels of mobile connectivity speed, can cause some serious headaches.

Whilst some shops have been slow to wake up to the inevitable, there are thankfully a good number of your favourite retailers that have invested in slick mobile-optimised websites.

For the commuter using public transport, this means you can make your commute more enjoyable and / or more productive by doing your shopping whilst you commute.

Buy your next book, browse from the latest fashion trends, get a gift for your other half, or simply get your grocery shopping out the way before you get home.

So which retailers are best when it comes to shopping online on the move?

Here’s our top 10 – we’ll be providing a much larger list very soon – please help us by commenting below with your suggestions!:

1) Amazon

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No surprises here – the world’s number 1 online retailer has it nailed with a great mobile-optimised site, and apps to make the shopping experience as easy as possible. There’s not much you can’t get from Amazon, hence we list them first for all round shopping. But beware: with one-click purchasing, you need self control to avoid racking up the credit card bill!

2) Debenhams

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Debenhams’ mobile site won an award for being the best in the industry. Search it today to find all the best deals from this leading retailer.

3) John Lewis

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Keeping with department stores, the John Lewis mobile site is easy to use and navigate. Find all the best products you’d expect in an easy online experience.

4) Argos

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You can now “Argos it” whilst you travel. From gifts to furniture, and from bikes to household items, find great value products on your mobile.

5) Very

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A favourite for those seeking fashion on the go, Very provides attractive items for men, women and children.

6) Ebay

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Another giant of the internet, eBay makes it easier than ever to browse for items and bid on your favourite products on the go. If you’re the kind of person who gets a bit addicted to online bidding, this site will make your journey pass a lot quicker!

7) Tesco

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Ok, so this may not be a huge amount of fun, but you can at least free up your evenings for more relaxing pastimes by doing your supermarket shop on the go and having it delivered at a time that suits you.

8) Waitrose

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More of a Waitrose than a Tesco shopper? Rest assured you can shop online here too…

9) B&Q

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After a hard week in the office, why not look forward to getting your hands dirty with a bit of DIY at the weekend? Plan your next project and find everything for your home and garden needs from B&Q’s excellent mobile site.

10) Etsy

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Browse and buy the items you love; sell those you think others will – it’s all on Etsy.
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Which shops do you use on the go?

If you’ve used any of the mobile-optimised sites above, or know other great sites that work well on mobile and tablet, we’d love you to comment below with your suggestions. The best entries will be added to our definitive list of online stores for commuters.