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Bambi De La Cruz Makeup Artistry Blog

So many things have been occurring and whaddya know that the first 8 weeks of the year are over and we live here in March. Much has been going on with life lately that I haven’t really sat down and wrote entries. I began the year quite nicely and I really hope this means that it would keep on for all of those other year. Speaking of Retrograde, how has Mercury Retrograde afflicted you? I’ve noticed that lately they’ve been really unkind to me. Before it was quite workable, year and this is but last, it has been quite horrible. I don’t know if I began to be more sensitive to these exact things or what.

This is crazy. There was each day Facebook and IG would act up, contact relationships acted up then, confusion then, omigod. A few minutes ago Just, I had a panic regarding my tax deadlines and then when I clarified it, I became mistaken. I got worried for like ten minutes at 3 am. And really, from the term “retrograde” I will actually just re-tract, re-flect, and re-connect. Funny thing though, as I inspected my zodiac, that’s what it said. I’m not necessarily an astrology expert nor do I follow horoscopes to the letter but somehow, when my gut feel informs me so and from past experience when coming up with ramp just messes up life during this time, I’d somewhat not.

As my crafting is literally a kind of moving yoga, that’s what I’ve been doing because of this whole period. I’m starting to re-connect back to fitness as well and looking to get into regular routines as life has obtained me being lazy 80% of the time. I make an effort to vary my workout routines so my body doesn’t plateau.

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My crafting is also a way of re-connecting, because I had been doing that even before blogging or makeup started out. It just had taken a back seating because of life happenings like work or busyness (sometimes crisis) but luckily, crafting has found a reinassance in the current very hipster era of Pinterest and DIY.

So how had I get started involved with it? I began because I witnessed how sometimes my pores and skin would get red and patchy from certain brands of commercial soap. At first, I thought it was okay but then I had been like, “Hey, this happened before never!” easily would switch brands Even, I would often find a little bit of rough and red patches on my skin.

I wanted to support her businesses and undoubtedly, as a small business owner myself, I’d do so. I thought it could save my skin and trust me, it did really. It had that pole-friendly feel (slippy skin is a pole must) yet it didn’t leave my skin itchy and raw. WHENEVER I switched to handmade and much more natural manufactured soaps, my body has been better.

Since I use those soaps most of the time regardless and viewing how fun and rewarding it must be, I thought, why not learn to make my very own too? Besides, it jives with the Pilates lifestyle as well. After requesting around for soapmaking workshops, I found one at the suggestion of my friend at Satinka Naturals in Kamagong, Makati.

This location was perfect because it’s tremendous near and the purchase price is affordable. The shop got a very quaint hipster apothecary vibe that acts excellent food and espresso. The owner trained The workshop of the shop herself. Soap is actually a mixture of butters and oils (basically fat) coupled with a lye (sodium hydroxide) solution.