Pairing Digital Out-of-Home And SOCIAL NETWORKING TO GENERATE Impressive Campaigns 1

Pairing Digital Out-of-Home And SOCIAL NETWORKING TO GENERATE Impressive Campaigns

There is no doubt that social media have a significant effect on our lives, businesses, culture, and the world-at-large. We’ve all seen the latest meme or kitty video circulating across the working office, after all. Combining digital out-of-home with social media is an ideal pairing to create an engaging and interactive multi-channel campaign. Campaigns that use both social and OOH can easily see a 212% upsurge in reach. Social media will keep our eyes glued to a screen all night – a digital out-of-home marketing campaign that uses cultural content will keep more eyes glued on the billboard.

Digital out-of-home and interpersonal media, a perfect match? Digital out-of-home and cultural press have many similarities including their use of dynamic real-time content and their nearly endless creative opportunities. “Real people like you and me to create vast amounts of pieces of content every day on public media. It’s the right time to begin putting it to use on the important marketing touch points. Utilizing a social feed to show content on your screens creates a chance for genuine interaction with your audience.

They become the center of your marketing campaign. The World Wildlife Fund teamed up with Exterior Media and TINT to give supporters a system to tone of voice their support for Earth Hour and participate in helping to protect our world. By loading user-generated content on displays in the London Underground, the nonprofit was able to create an authentic voice for their digital out-of-home campaign.

CokeMyName advertising campaign used Twitter to run a completely user-generated billboard advertising campaign in Times Square. The hashtag was used hundreds of times and resulted in an interactive and memorable advertising campaign. While social is a superb tool to amplify an out-of-home campaign, the opposite is really as true just. An eye-catching outdoor advertising campaign can become a cultural media sensation quickly. Netflix created a campaign which used Snapchat to encourage users to swap faces with their favorite characters. The campaign proceeded to go viral across France, with thousands of sociable connections online turning up. Walkers Crisps created a campaign that rewarded mobile social engagement.

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Passersby were amused by the former soccer celebrity, who encouraged public votes for his or her ‘Do Us A Flavor’ advertising campaign. Use a distinctive hashtag to permit users to activate with your campaign easily. Let the conversation be driven by the audience to encourage authentic content. Give rewards, such as rebates and contest entries, to participating users. Create shareable, attention-grabbing content. Social networking allows for a connection to be built between brands and consumers. By displaying the relevant user-generated content on digital out-of-home screens, advertisers create impactful and genuine multi-channel campaigns.

Goop did this in the past by partnering with travel agents to offer travels as prizes. You can host giveaways or promotions that have a charitable twist as well. This example from Target includes a giveaway for back to school that also promotes an initiative to help kids in need. Chats on social media can help you get followers engaged in real interactions.