Dupes For Milk Primer 1

Dupes For Milk Primer

I bought a mini of the Hydro Grip primer, which is great at keeping makeup on my oily skin. It offers a somewhat tacky end and really does “grip” onto my makeup. Despite the fact that it’s a hydrating primer, it works incredibly on oily pores and skin. I haaaate those slippery, silicone-y primers that are said to be oil controlling.

Anyway, The NYX was bought by me Honey Dew Me Up Primer on the whim, not even anticipating it to be a dupe, and I used to be blown away! It performs similarly but even better IMO as the Milk one. It’s tacky/sticky, and grips perfectly, but it just gives an incredible glow and makeup looks beautiful together with it. I’ve halted reaching for my Milk primer since I purchased the NYX one!

I also really love it as a cuticle butter, and because it’s a bigger size than your average balm, I possibly could see utilizing it as a frizz tamer on my locks as well. It smells minty if you ask me for some reason somewhat, though there is no mint present, however in a really good way.

I love the aroma and who doesn’t want their lip area to smell yummy? This comes in several other scents as well also. I’ve heard advantages of Bananas & Baobabs! I generally stay away from scrubs because they typically contain a lot of oil and that’s not really my preference, but this Shea Sugar Scrub is completely lovely! I was super excited to try it, as I knew that it has a good texture.

It did not disappoint! I love that it generally does not drip all over the place in the shower. Anytime I’ve used the greater oily scrubs in the past, my shower floor ends up using more of it than me! THEREFORE I was an enthusiast of the structure already. This scrub was unlike anything I’ve used before.

Kind of such as body butter blended with a sugar scrub. And my skin sensed so so smooth after utilizing it, which really is a huge benefit of the shea bottom of the essential oil. My most fav way to multi-task with this scrub is on my hands. It gets rid of those scraggly cuticles and makes my hands look young! Ideal for my new home manicures.

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Well that one smells like you’re slathering yourself with chocolates brownie batter. So So excellent! So I was very much a lover of both products and would highly recommend them! 1. Moroccan Lava Clay: this clay comes in chip form, so I love that I could take the total amount I want.

I do find that grinding with my mortar & pestle is most effective, so you may want to take that into account if you purchase. I also love that I can mix this powder with various things according to my skin’s needs! 3. Menthe African Black Soap Body Wash: I used this on both my face & body.

I have something for mint shower products. They just make me feel fresh. 5. Pink Guava Pomegranate Double Shea Butter Smooth-EE: this smells so fruity! It’s a bit solid, so it would work ideal for hands, elbows, and every other chapped areas. Gleam slew of products, I must say I actually want to try right now, that predicated on the ingredients, aren’t only fantastic in general, but would be AMAZING of these colder months forward! The Moroccan Lava & Camel’s Milk Softening Nomad’s Secret Facial Masque sounds fantastic.