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Strangers & Pilgrims ON THE PLANET

In our last entry, the idea of simplifying in order to reside within one’s means was mentioned. We also handled lightly on making the house pleasing on pennies and without over-cluttering. This can be a problem when you reside in a smaller home because you feel dissatisfied that it is not large enough to hold your entire “stuff”. The perfect solution is for our little “Shabby Chic” Frugal Lifestyle lays in the idea of what I call “practical decoration”.

There are a few ways we do that in our home and I am going to discuss the first one here today. I really like old Victorian Year’s books especially. They are incredibly worn looking as a result of age mostly. However, you can really them up with a piece of ribbon or ribbons in packages of three.

The concept is that you showcase what is necessary in the house but in a fair way. For all of us, the bulk of our entertertainment revolves around literature. The bulk of our home coaching revolves around books. A lot of the homesteading knowhow revolves around literature. And finally, the bulk of my home-building revolves around catalogs. Literature is an integral part of our space and life must be produced for them. For example, inside our living room, we have a fireplace mantel with a few photographs and pretties on top and one painting hung above it.

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We have a smaller China wardrobe that stores my collection of vintage “special event” dishes which has one family heirloom displayed above it (a samovar passed on if you ask me by my grandmother). These are my only designs inside our living room besides books. The area is small and I have to choose my “friends” smartly.

Thus, books have become the decoration. We have shelves and shelves of them! And I believe they are to check out lovely. You will find rows and rows of different colored bindings and patinas on the older volumes. If we take the right time to seem, we can see the wonder in a written course. This shelving area can have stored knick-knacks, and other dust collectors but where would I keep our books? By detaching that which we “use” do not, we’ve created space for what’s important inside our lives and our small home “works”.

We purchased almost all of our literature at second-hand stores. Even those who don’t possess the same craving or interests, catalogs can be a frugal part of your decorating. You’ll find pieces of discontinued and beautiful books at collection sales, garage sales, house sales, and so forth (read this post on how to build your home collection). I’ve found hardcover amounts on clearance in the library room for 15cents. These can be covered in scrapbook paper, wallpaper, and even wrapping newspaper for under 50cents and exhibited at home to make a beautiful vignette.

Volumes and packages of books to give a rich and luxurious appearance like this of the “Old World” catalog where people used to prize a large collection as silver. Diana at Dreams Factory shares a technique to make any hardcover e book beautiful! I’ve seen some coated in burlap plus some spray painted to appear antiqued (this would be a great disguise for those old quantities you have rested around that may use some pepping up).

Such beautiful ideas for the humble e book! You can even accumulate your prettiest antique volumes with somewhat of ribbons or ribbon for an old-fashioned display. The basic idea is by using what you love and USE as your “practical decoration”. Do not add other things that will muddle out your daily life (and make you think you desire a larger home). Just maintain with love the items you decide to do have.