FROM YOUR Pastor's Heart - August 2019 1

FROM YOUR Pastor’s Heart – August 2019

Each situation that extends your persistence is a God-given chance to choose kindness rather than harshness. Our culture is very centered on outward appearances, which can make it easy to neglect or undervalue inner character characteristics. However, external beauty fades with age group, but a godly personality becomes more appealing over time.

Although we’ve all heard the saying “Beauty is only skin deep,” in most cases, genuine beauty goes more deeply than your skin because it’s the internal quality of the Christlike character produced by God in the lives of His people. Kindness is one particular characteristics every believer must have because it demonstrates God. That’s why He tells us, not let kindness and truth leave you “Do; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.

• Kindness is God’s will for us, so we must first understand what it is. Kindness includes gentleness, tenderness, consideration, patience, and compassion, and it is displayed in sensitivity and helpfulness to others. It is not self-seeking and expects nothing in exchange. Kindness is the opposite of being harsh, bitter, impatient, rude, challenging, unforgiving, or easily angered.

The contrast is impressive, isn’t it? Which explanation most describes your connections with family members carefully, coworkers, neighbors, wait personnel, store clerks, or strangers? That’s a challenging and sobering question, but one every believer must consider. Although some people today think kindness is a sign of weakness, it requires great strength and self-restraint often. For instance, is it easier for you to be kind or to lash out at someone who mistreats you?

I think the answer is obvious. That’s why it’s always a good thing to keep in mind Jesus’ words when facing difficult people, “Treat others the same way these are wanted by you to treat you,” and “Love your foes” (Luke 6:31, 35). Why would God require this? • Therefore, our second step ought to be to look at God’s kindness as an example to follow. Salvation is the foremost screen of His kindness to us who believe, but Psalm 145:17 says, “GOD THE FATHER is righteous in all His ways and kind in every His deeds” – even to people who don’t know Him. Unlike God, we should never be called to offer out retribution.

Not only are we to love one another in the chapel but those outside as well. These folks need the gospel, and the chapel should be a place of welcoming kindness on their behalf. Our responsibility isn’t just to inform them about Christ but to demonstrate Christlike behavior. • Third, we need to learn how expressing kindness. When I was five years old I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of kind words after saying something to suggest to my mom.

The other way we express kindness is through our activities by being alert for ways to help others, even if we have to sacrifice time or convenience. In addition to individual acts of kindness, when local churches serve surrounding schools or neighborhoods by fulfilling some need, they show Christ’s love.

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  • Eliminating things that trigger allergies in the bedroom
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There are an array of ways we can show both small and large works of kindness. Fourth, it’s essential we know how Christlike kindness is produced in us. If you’re struggling to be kind, whether to a fellow believer or an acquaintance who doesn’t know Jesus, ask god, the father to improve how you respond.

Each situation that extends your tolerance is a God-given chance to choose kindness rather than harshness. Give consideration not only to what you say but how it is said by you. And understand that being kind is not simply a good option but a command from god, the father who has demonstrated amazing kindness to you.

P.S Have you ever really tried to list all the real ways God has been kind for you? As big as the list is, I can assure you that it’s only the end of the iceberg. Just, what a joy it’ll be to be joined up with jointly in heaven as the whole church to praise and thank god, the father for His infinite loving kindness toward most of us who have thought in Jesus Christ for salvation.