Don’t make your blog a slog! It’s beneficial to understand some of the basics around business blogging. • Could it be used as a marketing tool? • Any kind of personal benefits? • Who is my audience? • Is it cost effective? • What’s the difference between a website and a blog? • Exactly what is a blog?

• Does the Google search engine like websites? • What are the common mistakes of business blogging? • Worthwhile tips? Could it be used as a marketing tool? Of course Yes. It’s a website and you’re free to promote your services and goods. Some companies have sold their wares on their blog page solely.

Are there any personal benefits? Yes, you are promoting your personal brand with every single post. Your content shall demonstrate your ideas as a thought head in the industry. Experiences shared will highlight occasions when you excelled in challenging situations. Your personality may shine through as you relax and write often. Buyers shall gain trust in you and prospective employers will see your strengths. Who is my audience? Who are you writing for and just why?

Clearly identify the attributes of your ideal customers and business partners. Then venture out and discover them on interpersonal to mass media sites. These are in LinkedIn groups, on Facebook pages and under the relevant hashtags on Twitter. Include your present peers and clients in your target audience too. Is it cost effective?

I use Blogger and it costs nothing. That’s not just a bad deal. There are lots of benefits including free campaigns, new leads, sales, increased brand understanding and personal branding. Could it be worthy of an hour of your time once weekly? It should be a large boost to your visibility, credibility, and revenues!

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What’s the difference between a website and a blog? A small business website is to you in your business suit and speaking in a very formal shade. Generally, it is broadcasting in a single direction. Your site is you putting on your smart casuals and speaking more informally. You’re more happy and relaxed for interaction to take place.

What is a blog? Blog is short for weblog. It really is a website in itself using its own web address. It offers special features such as sociable press remarks and links from visitors. It offers a great chance to get to know customers and partners better too. It may also be one part of a conversation in the blogosphere.

Does the Google internet search engine like blogs? Google absolutely loves weblogs and all activity is quickly reflected in their rankings. Together with videos on YouTube, blogs are a terrific way to get great exposure! What exactly are the common mistakes of business blogging? Don’t make these errors; be interesting; write for your audience; be passionate;, and, get blogging! The next time around we’ll take a look at getting started as an ongoing business blogger. Do you want to be known as a thought leader in your industry? A simple yes or no please.

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