Media Business & Future Of Journalism (JEM499)

Older Disney fare had been on Netflix through its offer with Starz, but that offer expired earlier this year. Netflix doesn’t just want to compete with traditional pay TV networks like HBO, Showtime and Starz – it wants to change tv forever. The business envisions a future for TV where old-fashioned things such as ratings, schedule and recaps simply don’t matter anymore.

Roettgers interviewed Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, about the Disney deal and other lately announced offers – and what was behind the movements. Among the moves is the decision to produce original content – last year Lillyhammer led the way, feb with unique content and two highly-anticipated Television series are set to launch. One, a return of Arrested Development has been generating a lot of media buzz and fan chatter because the series’ relaunch on Netflix was first announced. For February debut is House of Cards The other series slated. But these days, a lot of channels (beyond the traditional broadcast networks) are airing traditional programming in the hunt for bigger and better ratings.

Where Netflix is changing the overall game is in terms of its scheduling strategy – liberating most of a season’s episodes at the same time. Sarandos argues that rankings, and thus worries about scheduling, are irrelevant from Netflix’s perspective (and business model). Unlike commercial networks, a program’s value is not dependant on its capability to get large simultaneous audiences. “The most difficult thing in linear tv is the pressure on the time slot,” Sarandos said. Some content is effective on what he termed linear tv (content is offered as a linear sequence of programs) – like sports, news, and chat.

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“The immediacy of Jon Stewart…. Netflix’s on-demand and membership business model, he noted, is based on building the worthiness of available content, and the choice and versatility an on-demand model provides to its subscribers. Thus, success for Netflix is not built on the popularity of any single film, content, or episode, but in providing access to programming that at least some of their subscribers want to view.

In addition, Netflix learned from Amazon the value of developing a suggestion system that personalizes the ongoing service. A more formal differentiation is to arrive its new “Simply for Kids” interface – which allows parents to provide their kids with family-friendly programming. As that Netflix business model (programming strategy) continues to prove itself, it could transform TV looking at, if not TV markets.

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