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Along with my many sensitivities to skin care products I also have sensitivities to laundry detergents very badly. Whenever a t-shirt is worn by me, trousers dress or other things that are not all natural and perhaps scent free I break out in rashes that itch very badly. It only takes a few minutes on and I know right away I am going to have a problem.

I love all-natural laundry detergents generally they are good and I really do not use but they have a little problem they don’t clean as well as the other laundry detergents. I did not use at all and it cleans really. I needed a pass on that one of my dogs got sick on and I thought I would have to throw it away.

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It was really bad.I put 2 Table Spoons to it since it was so badly stained. I still thought this is not going to completely clean this I understand there is likely to be some areas still but that will be okay at least it will be clean. It was taken by me out of the dryer, it was beautiful.

This was a cream colored spread that went into the washer mostly dark brown and arrived again a gorgeous cream colored pass on and smelled so good. I did a 2nd fill with some trousers and t-shirts and it also came out great. When I hook them up to they smelled fantastic and no reactions.

To me the scent of Peppermint just enables you to upbeat and happy. It is Gluten Free and the only fragrance to it is essential essential oil of Peppermint that I love. It is not overpowering of the Peppermint aroma but sufficient that is waking you up and smells great.

It is so nice to find a natural gluten free laundry detergent that works extremely well and I will not need a reaction to. They actually have sample sizes on the website to purchase In the event that you rather not make the leap to get the 4 lb size for the first time using this amazing laundry detergent. I think you won’t be sorry this is my laundry detergent now.