I have tried Linux often in the past years, being truly a previous “Windows Only” user I had alot of difficulty not only installing but configuring, and using Linux in the past. More recently I have already been tinkering with Ubuntu and Linux Mint. While these 2 have been headache free to install and setup, they have so been a great experience for a new Linux consumer significantly.

I love how Linux is more stable than Windows and it simply works as it’s likely to. I have been reading a lot and noticed a few articles saying Linux is now more widely used now than previously, which is because of distributions like Ubuntu. Dell and HP have the choice to buy computer systems with Linux pre-installed. I also have an Android phone (HTC Magic) and it simply works, it does everything I want it to do with no root access. I can observe how more advanced users might like such functionality, but the question is, Why? What can you do with your Android telephone once it’s rooted? If you’d like more features beyond what the phone was made for why not merely use some type of computer?

But choosing emto cache’ from the menu won’t help because Safari stores favicons in another cache. Reset Safari, and check “Remove all website symbols”. In the event that you can’t find that, you must bare the icon cache yourself. WebpageIcons.db. Quit Safari, delete the file, restart Safari. On FireFox, clear the cache and restart the internet browser. On Opera, refresh just.

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Windows can actually be the most beligerent about not upgrading favicons for Internet shortcuts (on your desktop, for example). 1. Right-click on the Desktop. 2. Select Personalize and select Display Settings (or just Settings on XP). 3. Change the Color from 32 bits to 16 clicks and little Apply. 4. Change the Color to 32 bits and click Apply back again. File Format UNAVAILABLE: The Windows Icon (ICO) file format will not be available until you have downloaded and installed the plugin, and Quit and Restart Photoshop then.

And Shareef transmits this in: If you ask me, Internet Explorer appears to be a little flaky in the amount of time it takes before making a decision to display the favicon. So if you’ve received this far, you can already see your favicon in your internet browser’s address club, and it looks great probably. Feeling ambitious and want to go one step further? In Windows especially, favicons arrive all over the place.

For instance, if a shortcut is put by you to a website on your desktop, Windows often uses the favicon of the website as the shortcut icon. But on the desktop, Windows uses a much larger size icon, usually 48×48 pixels. When this happens, Windows has to scale up your favicon and it will probably look blurry and not so great anymore. You can fix this.

One of the neat things about .ico documents is that they can contain multiple versions of the icon, at different sizes and color depths (kinda as an animated GIF consists of multiple frames). When they do, Windows uses whichever size and color depth is most appropriate. For the sizes, 16×16, 24×24, 32×32 & 48×48 pixels are most common, and everything can put bundled in a single collectively .ico file.

Windows, you might have observed before that some symbols on your desktop have jagged (aliased) sides, while some blend on the edges easily. The smooth blending is because a version is contained by those icons with 32-bit color depth, which allows true transparency, exactly like your layers in Photoshop. So if you would like to make sure your favicon looks great wherever people might see it, try to develop a few versions in your favicon.ico document. But go too crazy don’t, because every variant makes your favicon a bit bigger, this means it will require longer to download.

If you will need some inspiration take a glance through this nice assortment of favicons. Also look at the nice categorized set of 50 impressive favicons at Smashing Magazine. You might find something that triggers an idea for your own. That’s it. Enjoy your Favicons! Current Creative Suite users – Save 40% from the first 12 months on Adobe Creative Cloud. Offer open to all registered users of individual products and suites, CS3 or later.

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