What Are Good Questions To Ask Investment Bankers? 1

What Are Good Questions To Ask Investment Bankers?

At The Lobby, we connect a huge selection of aspiring investment bankers with real investment bankers at the world’s top banks (we call them insiders). A lot of our users typically ask us: “What must I ask the insider?” or “How do I get the most from the call? I’ve found that these questions are very pertinent, whether you’re using The Lobby or having forthcoming espresso and interviews chats with industry insiders. Asking good questions is the easiest way to extract the most relevant knowledge and advice from people who’ve been where you want to visit or who have the data on what it takes to land the work offer.

Below are a few of the best and most common questions our insiders get asked. How did you land this job specifically? Any parallels that I could learn from? I’d love to hear the whole story. What are the best and worst elements of the job for you? What’s the recruiting timeline at the bank / group? If that doesn’t seem sensible, read this.

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