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I just noticed a great guide on establishing Transcode 360 with My Movies for MCE. It offers some of the pitfalls that required me quite a while to work through, like the Transcode 360 registry change that’s needed is. Start to see the guide here on Toby’s blog. Before using Transcode 360 (known as TT from now on) I used WebGuide. WebGuide is obtainable through the Media Center interface on the extender device.

We had problems though. Even though the server and extender are both connected to a 100Mbps LAN, trying to watch the movie on the extender at 8Mbps (Ultra) quality level always led to missing and other issues. We’d then make an effort to watch the movie at 2000Kbps (High) and even then we’d eventually involve some kind of problem while watching the movie (usually freezing or skipping).

Also, the product quality level was terrible when viewing on a big display screen. Next I explored TT as a choice for watching films on the extender. Initially I needed some issues with TT and gave up on utilizing it. But, the shortcoming to view movies on the extender was a major loss. Later, I again tried TT and this time was able to obtain it working. Below I will try to describe briefly how to get the TT up and running with My Movies and Xbox360.

These instructions are for Vista MCE 32-bit Since I take advantage of Vista Ultimate 32-little bit, Xbox 360 as an extender, My Movies 2.42 and 2.44, and Transcode 360 1.6.3 I am limited to my experiences with the given versions. I shall not have information on XP MCE, or other variations of the apps. How you should already be set up, I am going to suppose you have a Vista MCE running My Movies. You have movies ripped and added to your My Movies database.

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Using My Movies on the MCE container, you can view ripped Dvd disks successfully. I would recommend choosing Service. Click Next. On another screen you decide whether to perform with local system permissions, or run a service under dedicated account’s permissions. I would recommend choosing the first option (if you want to improve this for network file access we can do that later). Click Install. When the install surface finishes choose to by hand reboot later. In the event that you shall only be accessing movies stored on the Vista MCE machine, follow the instructions in the paragraph below titled registry update. This account:’ In the first package have access to the other computer. In the next two containers type the password.

Click Ok. Now follow the instructions in the paragraph called registry update below. I am providing a batch file that can do this noticeable change for you, or you can do it manually. To get this done automated, download this file to your computer. Browse to where you preserved the file, double select it.