Featured: WHAT SIZE Data Is Transforming The Restaurant Industry 1

Featured: WHAT SIZE Data Is Transforming The Restaurant Industry

The possibilities for addressing common restaurant issues, as well as achieving short and long-term goals through big data are almost endless; and, their benefits are not only reserved for restaurant owners or franchise executives or even business consultants. Every player in a restaurant, or chain of restaurants, supply chain stands to reap the benefits of big data.

For example, focusing on how popular tomatoes are in various periods can help everyone from the farmer to the supplier to the chef to the supervisor to the professional. And, thanks to cloud based technologies, the software that enables the organizing and gathering of this impactful data is more accessible than ever. Skeptics may protest that data is no substitute for being on the floor, but it generally does not need to be.

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And smart brands like Marketing Vitals, from being removed from the realities of restaurant life considerably, are actually actively fostering a relationship of knowledge. The new chief business development officer of Marketing Vitals, Ward Olgreen, is a veritable service industry veteran. With stints as President and CEO of Souper Salad and Grandy’s and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Franchising for Pizza Inn under his belt, he noticed in Marketing Vitals, the continuing future of the restaurant industry. Obviously, Marketing Vitals saw in him a valuable partner and guide in customizing their solutions with real restaurants, not abstractions, at heart.

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