Newly Approved Additives Will BE UTILIZED To Made Surgically Implanted Devices Safer, More Successful 1

Newly Approved Additives Will BE UTILIZED To Made Surgically Implanted Devices Safer, More Successful

Through its licensing partner, AngioDynamics, IBI has just cleared a major regulatory hurdle that will allow a medical device which consists of polymer-based additives to be utilized in America. Thomas Reeves, president and CEO of IBI. IBI’s additives are used to improve devices such as ports or catheters that are implanted in the torso.

These additives, marketed under the name Endexo, have now been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in AngioDynamics’ BioFlo PICC – a peripherally placed central catheter – in America. The body’s own defense systems are primed to attack anything foreign – including devices that could help save a patient’s life.

The result: blood and tissue build up in or about these devices, clogging blood vessels and causing worsening side results or symptoms for patients and even requiring doctors to eliminate or replace the devices. Index aspires to improve that. Put into the device through the manufacturing process, Endexo alters the surface of the device, rendering it harder for tissue or bloodstream to develop and clog the device. And, unlike coatings that are sometimes put on medical devices to lessen blockages, Endexo does not break down or modify the physical properties of the device quickly. AngioDynamics had already received regulatory clearance to market its BioFlo PICC with the Endexo technology in Canada. Both clinical sales and results have been impressive, said Reeves. Recent research at a Vancouver hospital reported dramatic clinical differences between your company’s PICCs and those of a rival.

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