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Business Technology News And Commentary

Having produced by many acquisitions to be possibly the largest beverage company in the world, Anheuser Busch InBev is attempting to develop a unified view of all its data. It has been a challenging 12 months for businesses wanting to hire CIOs and technical experts in areas as diverse as machine learning and mobile network technology.

Sample size impacts the statistical results for correlations, regressions, and other models. See how to compare data to ensure an apples-to-apples evaluation. It’s wise to start considering what a highly effective IT integration strategy looks like well before the printer ink dries on the offer. The competition to deploy applications through DevOps can lead to unintended exposure that organizations must figure out how to identify.

The easiest way to attain data quality is by merging or mixing these three techniques: decoded lineage, data similarity lineage, and manual lineage mapping. Does NoOps Signal the finish for Infrastructure Employees? Will AI and automation eliminate the dependence on the social people who now keep IT infrastructures functioning? Not, if those interpersonal people take charge of their own futures. When you have a passion for systems and development, site reliability anatomist may be considered a good profession path for you. Banking on the Public Cloud? Finance institutions and banking institutions can no longer risk allowing their business models become out-of-date.

Here’s how CIOs can create a business case for the C-suite. Will there be any other thing more headaches inducing than the thought of IT attempts needed for a merger or acquisition? Here’s a look at one CIO’s journey and lessons learned. Today RPA is the quickest-growing category of software, driven by business digital transformation attempts. Here’s steps to make the majority of it.

The Cloud Question: Native or Hosted? Prior to making the cloud decision, IT market leaders need the facts and the criteria to find the option that’s best for their business, operational and financial goals. The scope of what you can do through edge computing keeps growing fast, but it will require more talent and new ways to reap the huge benefits.

Technology’s shortcomings have less to do with technology and everything to do with us. Among the tips to successful IT automation is the need to ensure that mature management knows the need for IT infrastructure and then showing them the true business benefits. CIOs can easily end up on an expensive hardware-replacement treadmill, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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A nonprofit for casing sees a 30% reduction in time spent on contract management, thanks to a no-code development platform. Blockchain has the potential to cut through multilayered, complex transactions to streamline processes, improve margins, and develop top-line revenue. Tech disruption is uprooting traditional business practices while creating new obligations — and opportunities — for this. What’s the Long-Term Impact of Salesforce’s Tableau Acquisition? Three key questions should be responded to for businesses to glean a clearer understanding of their options. Otis pioneered predictive maintenance before most heard the expression Internet of Things.

Now the 166-year-old company is prepping the elevator into the future. Robotic Process Automation: COULD IT BE Ready for Big Business? Despite the positive market forecasts, a closer look at RPA brings to light difficulties that indicate the technology is still in its infancy. Truth imperiled by coordinated episodes using keepsake videos and new NLG-powered artificial information articles.