I Layered And Blended Gelatos (blue 1

I Layered And Blended Gelatos (blue

I don’t often reveal my play amount of time in my artwork journal, because it contains experimental techniques mostly, testing of supplies, etc., and it’s not my normal form of artwork just something I love. I thought I’d share a walk through of supplies and steps I used to create one of my play pages that will go in my own recently created loose leaf cereal box journal.

None of the techniques with this page are new, or especially exciting, in fact I call this sluggish artwork journaling. Scrapbook Paper in 3 coordinating patterns – I used some old K&Co. Bottle Dauber or round piece of sponge or your finger (makes great circles! NOTE: I did not get into the detail of the use of Watercolor Crayons or Gelatos as that information is provided on the product packaging, follow manufacturer’s instructions for use just.

Tear up your scrapbook documents and book pages laying them dry in a pleasing composition on one little bit of your Bristol Paper. You intend to keep the documents rather large as this will be blocks of color and pattern that will show through in your overall design. Using the Paper Matte Mod Podge begins gluing the papers to your next sheet of paper by removing the trunk of most papers and gluing them first, smoothing out all the lines and wrinkles.

  • Enhance collagen and elastin creation
  • Add a little amount of dark lipstick to the outer part of the lips
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  • I don’t dress up for anybody but me personally

Continue in this fashion working from the trunk of most papers on your design page until you have all the documents transferred and glued down, this method helps you to keep the documents in the area and order you want them. Brush Mod Podge together with all papers and dry with heat tool or hair dryer.

Use Gelatos to color small areas then rub them with your finger tip to soften and spread. Use white craft paint to make a dry-rubbed areas over the paper surface. Dip the tip of your finger in just a little water and grab a little white paint on the same finger. Rub and spread color across the surface to generate some highlighted areas.

Dry with high temperature locks or tool dryer. Use Bamboo Ink leaf and Pad stamp to stamp three sets of leaves across the top of page. Use Brown Ink Pad and same leaf stamp and over stamp a couple of sets of leaves on the green ones. Repeat the above mentioned process, first using the bamboo ink then the brownish ink with the fern stamp over the bottom of the web page. Dry with warmth tool or locks dryer.

Use paper backbone or stencil of your decision to include another layer of interest by using a makeup sponge to lightly daub color (Watermelon) through the spine or stencil, an odd number of these is pleasing to the optical vision. Dry with heat tool or hair dryer. Use Tracing wheel and paint (Sea Foam) to create more web page interest by rolling steering wheel through the color then roll it across your page, it leaves just a little dotted design.

Dry with temperature tool or hair dryer. Use a bit of mesh, makeup sponge, and color (Sawgrass) to create more arbitrary patterns and levels to your web page. Dry with temperature tool or hair dryer. Use French Script rubber stamp and brown ink pad and arbitrary stamp page. Dry with warmth tool or hair dryer.