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This recent Op-Ed piece in the Los Angeles Times touches on an issue we see a lot in charity review work. People want to provide to a charity that will put all of its money toward programs, and not ‘waste materials’ it on administrative expenditures. There’s a popular misconception that the less overall a charity spends on its own management, the better it is. Do corporations waste resources if they take time to the modify and brand to a changing market? Is investment in technology and infrastructure pouring money down the drain or making a platform for growth and new services?

We would never ask for-profit companies to constrain their own growth to match the ideals of individuals who have no idea their business. Why do we ask that of charities? It’s hogwash; there is no way of informing that a business with 5% administrative costs is more advanced than one with 20% costs based on that criterion only.

In fact, the exact reverse may be true. The truth is, you can’t assess an organization based on what it claims to not spend on administrative costs. For the BBB’s part, we don’t focus on one number. Charities, like people, are complicated and have unique tales to tell. Donors do best when they take a look at multiple aspects of a charity’s procedures and appreciate that good management and effective program implementation is an art. What’s allocated to administration simply doesn’t let you know everything you should know.

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I do. You too do. But confabulated events in our own minds aren’t thereby made factually true. And when the data of what happened is displayed for any to see really, shocking us to our core doom can swiftly follow. Should this happen either Kavanaugh will be forced to resign or Congress will need steps to impeach him. There never have been many impeachments of federal officials inside our national history, however the majority of the ones that end in a guilty vote were of federal judges. I might be very wrong concerning this full case.

Kavanaugh might be totally innocent in spite of that damning senior high school yearbook (exhibit A in his trials), and if so there is nothing worth seeking. The scandal shall piddle out, or at least be only an ugly occurrence in his recent like this of Justice Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill from 1991 when lesser allegations of intimate misconduct were made against that jurist. But I question that’s the effect here. And I believe every night when Kavanaugh’s head touches his cushion he says a silent prayer that he won’t awaken to morning news with headlines screaming his name. Every night. For years.

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