Degrading Or Empowering? 1

Degrading Or Empowering?

This 12 months, the Philippines is hosting the 65th Miss Universe pageant, so that as anticipated, the whole country’s keeping her eye peeled for daily updates of the contestants. Nobody can deny that Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina has been under a great deal of scrutiny lately. But as passionate as Filipinos are about beauty pageants, there are those who view the complete idea as archaic and chauvinistic as well. Beauty pageants have been around for decades, and have been the center of heated debates among non-feminists and women-feminists alike-for just as long. Supporters of pageantry see these competitions as a celebration of women and, in many ways, as a bold refusal to comply with certain religious and cultural norms.

For current Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, it’s an opportunity to get visitors to finally pay attention to issues we conveniently put on the trunk burner: “It gives a platform for girls to speak up and raise awareness on certain issues. And for the reason that sense, they aren’t wrong. Former Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin used her system to improve global knowing of the human privileges violations in China.

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Many think that it’s unfair to oversimplify the competition as an event that prioritizes beauty and overlooks the cleverness, accomplishments, and competence of its applicants. A woman’s physical appearance in conjunction with her decision to really get into a pageant should not make her less of an icon, because what’s so wrong about being empowered by beauty?

Pro-pageant feminists are against vilifying women who are proud of the way they look, even if the way they look falls under the “ideal” standard of beauty. It’s like the way the body positivity movement rejects thin-shaming just. Plus, beauty queens devote a complete lot of work. Pageant camps and instructors teach these women to be excellent open public loudspeakers. They develop skills that help them work under great pressure, ace interviews, give charismatic speeches-all while smiling through pain, hunger, sleep deprivation, and anxiety. But we can’t discuss pageantry without addressing the other side of this pressing issue.

Some pageants have doubtful rules that foundation a woman’s worth on her capability to model “proper femininity.” For instance, to compete in the Miss and Universe Earth pageants, applicants must never have been married or pregnant. From a feminist perspective, it looks like a desperate attempt to keep up with the illusion that only virgins or “pure” women are worth a crown. As empowering as beauty pageants state to be, in a real way, they reward women for cultivating the most fleeting aspect of their humanity-physical beauty-and for preserving the right kind of femininity. They compliment women for not taking on too much space and for only speaking up when she’s prompted to.

And when she makes a “mistake,” as any human being should be permitted to do, and destroys that illusion of perfection, she’s quickly stripped of her crown and swept under the rug. For instance, in 1973, Miss World Marjorie Wallace was dethroned for dating two men. How that affected her ability to check out through on her responsibilities, we’re not quite sure.

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