How To Change Color Of Folder Icon In Windows 7, 8, 10 1

How To Change Color Of Folder Icon In Windows 7, 8, 10

1. You Need to download software called Folder Colorizer from CNET. 2. Open the software and and check up on I acept the permit contract and select next. 3. Choose installation drive Now, if you want to set up on default drive select Install Now. Now 50 percent work DONE as the primary software is installed now you merely have to utilize it! Right Select any folder, you shall see new option called Colorize. Click on Colorize and Choose your Favoroit color. The consequences will be shown instantly. You shall Get message of congratulation as shown in given Screenshot.

If you want to improve folder color back again to default then Choose Restore Original Color. Color your Folder icon Without any Software. First edit or color your folder icon using photoshop or paint or any other picture editor. Save it as Now .bmp image. After saving it change .bmp extension to .ico expansion and save it let call it color-full-FOLDER.ico. Now right click on that folder that you want to improve color.

New screen will be opened. Click on Browse and choose the image cropped at prior step. Click on okay and select Apply on earlier windowpane Now. I better prefer Folder Marker. After lot of customer’s demand Nepal telecom introduce Data Pack system for GSM (Namaste, Ntc) and CDMA(Sky, Skypro).

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