So You DESIRE TO BE A Fitness Trainer 1

So You DESIRE TO BE A Fitness Trainer

Has it really been that long? Two decades ago last September was the first ever Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) course of study at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. September 16 was the reunion time. I eagerly attended though it supposed traversing Canada. It was, purportedly, the first ever college-level course of its kind in Canada. Back in those days, anybody could call themselves a Fitness Trainer and charge clients’ money to in return for fitness guidance. Actually, any gym rat or muscle head can still call themselves a Fitness Trainer but they are less likely to be hired by a fitness center aside from get liability insurance.

The curriculum consisted a 12 months and a half plus of subjects related to anatomy, physiology, functional fitness, weight training, aerobic fitness and sports medical topped off by some recognized certificate examinations nationally. We also were required to do 100 practicum hours of Personal Fitness Training with volunteer clients/guinea pigs.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities! Out of an initial class of 40, we were whittled right down to 32 through attrition soon. Studying anatomy can take its toll on the sponge like organ within the human cranium! It wasn’t a simple ride and I pushed myself quite hard. The experience was enjoyed by me. I used to be actually somewhat sad when the course was around and everyone went their separate ways. Couldn’t they have at least pretended to look pleased with me? That’s me, kneeling, surrounded by a few of my NAIT teachers past and present. It hasn’t been the easiest 20 years since then. There were bumpy roads, some misdirection and even street blocks on the way.

Alberta was still jumping back from another boom and bust essential oil price recession. We were still in the bust stage. People didn’t have deep pockets for luxuries. Initially our certification had not been identified at the city of Edmonton entertainment facilities plus some other fitness centers. Fortunately that has changed. Even though we studied for a year and a half for our NAIT PFT certificate, the general public could not always differentiate between that and a weekend course certificate. NAIT has since turned it into a 2-year college diploma course.

I am presently updating. It is time to recondition the sponge like organ of my cranium for textbook jargon. Some potential clients thought we offered free services or proved helpful only for tips. Many fitness center managers (even still) viewed Fitness Trainers as expendable cannon fodder rather than fitness professionals that they must be working with to best use their abilities. It must be considered a personality flaw.

  • Ask your physician or medical facility how much out-of-pocket expense you’ll be responsible for
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  • Take better treatment of myself
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I likewise have a problem with some fitness center manager half my age attempting to take care of me like ‘the lowly hired help’. I’m barred from the premises of one or two such night clubs for keeping my ground. If you are vulnerable in sales, align yourself with a Fitness Trainer who’s strong at it.

Some of my clients were also great recommendation machines as well as very business mentors. Those clients are irreplaceable. After twenty years I still have my submit the overall game as a sports activities/fitness blogger. The reunion was enjoyable. Only 1 1 other classmate from the first 12 months attended. He could be an instructor in this program also. I used to be hoping to catch up with more of the first year tribe but people proceed and folks get busy with their lives. Time goes and you have to go with it. At least let’s do it with a pumping heart and contracting muscles!

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