In this post I am going to ask several questions that need proper answers during the Pre-MBA analysis. I’ll also make an effort to answer them but I have to warn you that these answers are based on my perception. Pursuing Masters running a business administration is a must for people who wish to become dexterous in owning a business they like.

I have to warn you that you shouldn’t pursue MBA if everyone around you is seeking it. You have to introspect yourself and discover your interests and then find out if they in any way be fulfilled by doing MBA. This is an over-all question. In fact this relevant question should be asked before you are doing anything in your life. Chris loves cricket. Although its to late for him to become a cricket player he is not worried because he desires to maintain the cricket business. 1. He can begin an ongoing company that manufactures the very best quality bats in India. Chris needs some business acumen before he starts such an organization first.

2. Chris has been appointed to advertise the IPL 2015. He can learn that during an MBA. 3. IPL 2015 is across the corner. Chris’s company can show a court case their brand by sponsoring the function or by running a team. Chris should know in and out of buying the little league.

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This all can be discovered in an MBA. New stadiums have to be constructed. Chris is employed to manage the building. What should he be doing can be learned during an MBA? Chris is the chair of the league’s organizing committee. There are more than 1000 people working under him. He should have good command skills.

He has completed his MBA and he could be ready to demonstrate his management skills. Vashist Avadhanula’s response to How will IPL impact Indian Economy? If you’re still struggling to find your nice spot is a good way to find it here. Another question shall haunt you for certain.

There are many specializations but lets talk about few important ones. Consulting can be an interesting specialty area to do. Consultants are usually problem solvers. I shall take a famous example and will tweak it a bit to make it relevant. Company ABC that manufacturing toothpaste tubes has approached Ravi, who is an ongoing business consultant, with a nagging problem.