Faking Good Breeding 1

Faking Good Breeding

It may appear obvious to recognize that we now have advantages to being beautiful, and that they extend past gaining the interest of potential mates. People are attracted to and fascinated with beautiful people, and the majority of us would acknowledge to being guilty of judging others based on their looks before learning them.

Science Daily had a fascinating article a few days ago in regards to a recent study displaying that attractive people often get better job positions and pay than average-looking applicants. Perhaps a bit surprisingly, the study discovered that women were much more likely to give high status packages to attractive men than men gave to attractive women.

Unlike discrimination against people based on their race, religion, sexuality, gender, nationality, etc, it’s totally legal and often suitable to discriminate people on the basis of their appearance. In positions that require the employee to woo potential clients or sell something, it’s arguable that attractive people will win over others and convince them to obtain the company. This may be true, but it really seems unfair to the people otherwise experienced, competent people who didn’t good luck out with the beauty gene.

The Economist lately published articles confirming that studies have shown that there may be a connection between beauty and high cleverness, which is allowing someone’s good looks to impact your decision about them is not a bad idea. One study found a correlation between bodily symmetry (a marker of beauty) and general intelligence, while another got participants view photos of faces and guess how intelligent the individual was, which a significant portion got correct.

Beautiful people earn more money than average looking people, but bring more revenue to their employers also, making it advantageous for an ongoing company to employ the more attractive of two similarly certified candidates. Is this depressing news for everyone who’s not just a Heidi Klum look-a-like? In some ways, yes. I certainly find it disturbing that so much weight is placed on appearance, both in personal and professional situations and that the lucky few who are delivering beautiful have a tremendous advantage in both areas. Alternatively, I think about how exactly much control we actually do have over our looks.

So few people really focus on the way they are showing themselves, and many beautiful people slide by on their looks without taking the time to look professional and put-together from check out toe. I’d think that in most cases, a sloppily dressed, unprofessional looking beautiful female isn’t going to obtain a job over an impeccably outfitted average looking girl. In response to the article’s last point, I think you can throw all the money you want at pricey makeup products and designer clothes, but until you acknowledge what flatters you, it’s never heading to help you look better.

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